Five In a Row's All Those Secrets of the World Literature Unit


For week 2, we rowed "All Those Secrets of the World" by Jane Yolen.  While I didn't love this book initially, I couldn't help but enjoy it more and more as I read it throughout the week.  I don't think T was a big fan of the book either, but he did sit and listen to me read it. We also continued with All About Spelling, while adding in McRuffy Science and Math U See Alpha.

 The book begins with four year old Janie watching her father sail off to war.  While away for two years, her  "five-year-old [cousin] Michael teaches her a "secret of the world''--as he moves further away from her, he gets smaller. When father returns and tells his daughter that she is ``lots bigger than I remembered,'' Janie explains, ``Now you are here, so I am big."  

Social Studies:
Geography- Chesapeake Bay/ Massachusetts
The FIAR manual actually suggests the setting is in Virginia, but I neglected to look at my manual before heading to the library. *Oops!*  While looking up books for Chesapeake Bay at the library, Massachusetts popped up so I grabbed a book on there instead.  I traced the Eastern Coast surrounding the Chesapeake Bay in T's Notebook and we worked together to label different states, Atlantic Ocean, and the bay.

I briefly touched on what a "bay" is-- part of an ocean or lake that forms an "indent" in the shoreline & pointed out the Ungava Bay in Northern Canada that we had mapped while rowing Very Last First Time last winter.

Family Relationships
What is a Family?
Saying "goodbye"

Time of War
I had several books in mind to expand on the topic of "war" should it come up, but it didn't.  I focused War on being something that men and women "do" to protect our Country and/ or our friends.  We looked through "H is for Honor," but didn't make it to the end.
Language Arts: 
Poetic Form/ Opposites
The book ends with a series of contrasts, so we thought of our own and then played "Go Fish" with some opposite puzzle cards we have.  This was a great game to play to reinforce opposites!

T learned the meaning of: jimmies, perch, horizon, sycamore, and dock; I introduced these vocabulary words the same way I did for when we rowed Make Way for Ducklings, except this time I placed the definition on the page of the vocab word.
Counting by 2's & Subtraction 
Verbally counted by 2's

The manual suggested subtracting four-digit numbers, but we stuck to one or two digit numbers.  T dug for shells and completed the subtraction problem that was written on the shell.

I grabbed a ball and smaller object to make a connection with the observation Columbus made  many years ago: the earth is round!  I slowly moved an object over the top of the ball to depict the horizon, and just like you look out on the water... you may only see a tip of a sail at first, but then slowly you see more and more of it.

Oil on Water
I added some oil to a container of water to show T that once oil spills into the water, it floats on it's surface.  If you look closely, we had a MAJOR oil spill!    We also read Oil Spill!: A Let's Read & Find Out Science book.

Because the illustrations were done in watercolor, we had our own watercolor fun by painting the American flag.

Distance Perspective
Does this remind you of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids?!" Ha!  To illustrate the secret Michael told Janie, we did an activity called, "How Tall is it Really?" that my blogger friend, Amy, came up with; it was the perfect activity to illustrate that big things look smaller when they are farther away.

Musical Instruments- Tuba
We watched a video of someone playing the Tuba on YouTube and also listened to the lyrics of "Over There, Over There"-- it is a catchy tune and I found myself humming it throughout the day! Beware  ; )

This row was much more conversational so I apologize for the lack of pictures.  Pick up the book if you have a chance!  Hope you enjoy it!

Next up is "Gramma's Walk".
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