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Welcome to Our School Room!

This week's Not Back to School Blog Hop is all about SCHOOL ROOMS!  Whether your space is big or small, feel free to share!  As I write this, you can check out how over 200 other schoolin' mamas set up their schooling area-- you are sure to be inspired!

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Welcome!  Our school room has taken over the dining room area of our house!  Our kitchen is to the right and a huge window and USA and World maps are on the left wall.  The opposite side of this room opens up to the living area with our couch and TV.  And then all around and in between you will find toys for Little Miss.  

I am so THANKFUL to have this space, shelving units, and table!!  Last year Tyler and I worked on a little kid's table from Ikea and we moved all over the place to find "more" room.  All our supplies were crammed in a hanging shoe rack in our tiny coat closet!  Although, a bigger table wouldn't be a bad idea- HA!  I could probably have a farm table and it still wouldn't be big enough.... I like to s.p.r.e.a.d everything out : )  

My hubby bought these great shelving units from Ikea, of course!  We have several other pieces from Ikea, too.  My son has walked around our house before and pointed out everything from there-- it's a lot of stuff.  Anyways, I LOVE that it has doors because 1. Abby cannot get into them and make messes 2. It hides my clutter!

The unit to the left is loaded with craft supplies, FIAR stuff, randoms, coloring books, and a laminator. The laminator was a my Christmas gift to myself last year!  It get's A LOT of use.   

Here is my small-- but growing FIAR shelf.  Many of the books I have found at book sales!  The box to the right is filled with FIAR papers from LAST YEAR.  I don't know what to do with it.

Right now, two shelves are dedicated to "crafty" things-- felt, stickers, googly eyes, stamps, foam, feathers, chalk, markers... etc. etc. etc!!  FYI-- Diaper tubs, Tupperware containers with missing lids, empty food jars, even old cardboard boxes are great for storing things!  In the tall Oatmeal container, I store pipe cleaners!

In our other unit, I have paint supplies, excess paper, workbooks, and currently the bottom two shelves hold the books we are using this year.

It is still a work in progress!  But, thanks for stopping bye!! : )

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