"Peek A Boo" Blends


A few weeks ago T was introduced to blends in his All About Spelling curriculum.  It was perfect because his Explode the Code Book 2 is ALL ABOUT blends!  Needless to say, he is getting lots of practice seeing and reading CVCC and CCVC words.
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And I must say, he is doing a great job!  There are still blends that he forgets to blend... like SW--.  He often forgets the /w/ sound; but with all the exposure he is getting, he will be reading them fluently soon enough.

simple reading blends fluency activity

For a little extra practice that is quick and easy, I made an activity called "Peek A Boo" Blends.  


On white card stock I cut through 3 sides of a square shape to make a 'door' & I did this 3 times and then cut out a little box for an = sign.

Fun Reading Activity for Kids

Forgive my not so perfect door edges, I think the razor blade I used is a bit dull.

Then laying another piece of paper behind the card stock, I wrote out the blends:
CC- V- C = or
C- V- CC =

Here are some pictures.. they can probably explain much better what I am trying to get at ; )

How to "Play":

Lift each flap and say the letter or letter blend sounds.

Continue until each flap is opened.

When all the flaps are open, have your beginning reader say the whole word.

reading blends
blending sounds to make words
activity for beginning readers to read blends
reading blends

My sweet little reader!

I love this playful way to practice reading!

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