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Learn to Read with The Magic E

I made this activity for T back in January and included a small snippet in another blog post.  However, since it was such a simple activity-- and one that reinforced his reading skills, I thought I'd make a separate post about it.

It helped my son... maybe it'll help your child with that "Magic E"; he can be a tricky one to learn!

how to teach reading words with the Magic E

Grab some watercolor paint, piece of paper, pencil, and a white crayon.  Write several 3 letter words on the paper and with the white crayon add the e.

Fun Reading Game for Kids

I had T read me the simple three letter words first.  Then I told him to use his watercolors to make the "Magic E" appear!

Fun Magic E Reading Activity for Kids

As the Magic E appeared, the word changed... A magic trick at its finest!

reading activity for kids

Do you have a special way to teach the Magic E?

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