Turkey Handprint Keepsake Canvas: A Family Craft


I was introduced to the concept of a Thanksgiving Tree by my friend and fellow blogger, Amy, at Living and Learning at Home.  We were good about saying what we were thankful for for several days, and then.... for some reason, it got left behind.  Last year, we made a Turkey and added "thankful feathers," but we weren't good about keeping up with that everyday, either.  I think the weekend throws us off as we are busy doing other things and it gets me off track.

This year we did something a little different.  We made a  Family Turkey Hand prints Keepsake.  I rounded up my hubby, Big Brother, Little Sis, and myself and we made turkey hand prints on a large canvas one night.  Afterwards, I had all of us say and write 5 things we were thankful for.  We have done many hand print crafts over the years, but I often give them away to family; it'll be a precious keepsake to cherish for years.  And although Little Sis cannot tell us what she is thankful for, her Big Brother had several ideas and I wrote them down for her : )
Love it!

I love that the first five things that my son said were people!  Just shows you what is important in life... time spent with those you love!

...and on another note, I think it is pretty crazy that my son's hand is almost as big as mine and he's only 5!!
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