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Cranberry Thanksgiving Five in a Row Unit Study

If you use Five In A Row as your homeschool curriculum, you may know that "Cranberry Thanksgiving," by Wende and Harry Devlin, was an out-of-print book up until a month ago.

The only way you were able to get a hold of this sweet tale was if your library carried it.  However, it recently came back to print thanks to Purple House Press!
Our current library is much smaller than the library before and didn't have "Cranberry Thanksgiving" on the shelf.  I have since requested that the library purchase the book and I did, too!  

Grandmother loved Thanksgiving; it was her favorite time of the year.  She and her granddaughter Maggie each invited a guest to share their Thanksgiving feast.  Grandmother was shocked to find that Maggie invited Mr. Whiskers... the man after her famous Cranberry Bread recipe-- or so she thought.... 

I won't spoil the book for you!  You will have to read the book to find out if Grandmother fairly judged Mr. Whiskers on his intentions and appearance yourself : )

Cranberry Thanksgiving Unit Study

Along with the pictures below, we touched on:
  • Math Facts: Turkey Style!  I cut up paint chip turkey feathers and T had to match the fact to either turkey  #9, #10, or #11.
  • Talked through Elements of a Good Story
  • Drew pictures of the four Seasons-- this also connected with McRuffy Science for the week!  Loved how that worked out.  
  • Judging by appearance
  • Read books about the First Thanksgiving
  • Cranberry adjectives
  • Similes-- T completed this sentence using our adjectives list: " The cranberry is as_____ as ______." 
The cranberry is as red as an apple.
.... is as hard as a wall.
.... is as quiet as a sleeping horse.
.... is as sour as a kiwi.
... is as round as a bouncy ball.
... is as shiny as a cup.
.... is as small as a bug.  

Being silly and having fun after talking about Partial View

Rowing Cranberry Thanksgiving
Watching our Cranberries "explode!"

Cranberry Thanksgiving Five in a Row Activities

Mini Cranberry Tarts
We didn't make Grandma's famous Cranberry Bread this year-- if I remember, T didn't care for it too much so I thought we'd do something different with some of the whole cranberries we had left.  The Tarts were very sweet, but *I* enjoyed them ; )

Cranberry Thanksgiving Five in a Row Activities

Working on measuring skills!  Using measuring cups and recording it in his notebook, we took a look at what makes 1 cup.

You can check out our detailed row from last year here!  Enjoy!  

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