Christmas Science Project with Bubbles


Have you ever wondered what could possibly make blowing bubbles even more fun/  How about turning a fun and ill-mannered past-time into a fun Christmas science experiement during the holiday season.  This purposeful play activity is a perfect winter day boredom buster and OH SO FUN!!

christmas science experiment

My kiddos love doing and I think that is why they enjoy Science experiments of any kind! Knowing my children enjoy projects I give them a go every once and a while.  Recently we had the opportunity to check out Carla Jansen's ebook, 25 Christmas Science Projects for Kids.

If you do not already know, Carla is the author/ writer at Preschool Powol Packets.  She brings her love of Christmas, Science, and Teaching in this neat ebook resource.

Christmas Science Projects

I received the ebook, 25 Christmas Science Projects for Kids, for free for an honest review.  You can buy the ebook for $4.99.  

It is also available for your Kindle for $2.99. 
During the month of December we will be doing some "light"schooling-- you know, the basics and of course, baking, crafting, and listening to a lot of Christmas music!  This ebook will be the perfect addition to just the basics, which can get pretty redundant really fast!  I think my children will enjoy many of the projects.

If you start on December 1st, you'll have a Science project everyday until Christmas! You'll enjoy projects throughout December such as these:
  • Santa Boogers 
  • Simple Christmas Fudge to explore solids and liquids
  • Borax Icicles
  • Homemade Snow
  • Ice, Roads, and Salt
  • and 20 other fun Christmas Science Projects!
christmas science projects

As with any resource it is a good idea to go through the ebook to see what projects might interest your kids to make sure you have the right materials on hand. Many of the projects do call for simple materials you probably already have on hand, but of course Big Brother and Little Sis were eager to make the Christmas Fudge or do the Sugar Science project first, but our pantry was lacking in a few of the supplies needed to make those!  

However, I did find something I knew Little Sis would enjoy-- and I had everything on hand!  With 3 simple supplies: water, dish soap, and some food coloring, we whipped up a FUN Christmas science project with bubbles.  We made Santa's Beard Bubbles!  

What child doesn't love blowing bubbles?!  I love that Carla added a festive spin to make an ordinary science project seem fresh and new!

Christmas Science Project with Bubbles

christmas science project with bubbles

Once we had our supplies ready, Little Sis blew into the straw and Santa's Beard appeared! This quick and easy activity kept Little Sis busy for at least 20-25 minutes.  

To say she loved it would be an understatement.... She LOVED it!!!

christmas science project with bubbles

Each activity includes a picture, supply list, directions, and extensions.  Carla also provides some of the "why" behind the science project, but Little Sis was content to just blow bubbles so I didn't go into any detail.

Want to add a little christmas science cheer to your child's studies- either homeschool or after school this holida season?  25 Christmas Science Projects for Kids is ideal for ages 3-10, so check it out today! 

Merry Christmas!!

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