Learning with Storybook, A Pair of Red Clogs: Five in a Row Unit Study


In "A Pair of Red Clogs", by Masako Matsuno, young Mako receives a new pair of red clogs.  She delights in the way they sound when she walks and runs.  She enjoys remarks made by others about how beautiful they are. But after playing the Weather Telling game with a couple of friends, her clogs cracked; they were no longer new.  Mako sets out to trick her mother into buying her new shoes, but learns an important lesson in honesty, instead.

A Pair of Red Clogs Five in a Row Activities

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Homeschooling with Five in a Row Curriculum

1.  For the language arts lesson, I created a Storytelling Bag and put various things in the bag and T had to come up with a story.

He enjoyed this and wanted to gather new things after each story ended.

2. Eating their lunch on the floor

3. Our take on sushi-- pbj sushi rolls and rice (leftover quinoa from the night before)

4.  Used a couple printables from Living Life Intentionally's free Weather Unit

5.  Finding Japan on the map

6.  Rain Showers File Folder Game: A weather inspired /sh/ and /ch/ phonics sort

A Pair of Red Clogs Five in a Row Curriculum

7.  A Pair of Red Clogs begins with Mako, the grandmother, preparing to send a pair of red clogs to her grand-daughter.

On the next page, Mako begins to recall a time when she received her first pair of clogs; this type of story-telling technique is called Reminiscing/ Flashback.

To explain this to T we pulled out some of our photo books and re-told the experiences we remembered.

8 .  Instead of playing store, we played several rounds of Clean Up the Money.

9.  This was just some random watercolor fun.  It didn't have anything to do with our FIAR lessons, but T was learning about long vowels in All About Spelling so I created a Magic E Watercolor page.

10. With watercolor, the Magic E appears and changes the word!

11.  In honor of Mt. Fuji, we created our own Volcano!

12.  We combined Math and Language Arts to figure out how much our vocabulary words were worth.  You can find A Word's Worth printable at 4th Grade Frolics.  If we do this again, I think we'll simplify it and just use pennies, nickels, and dimes.

13.  For our Art lesson, I pulled out pipe cleaners to explore action/expression in figures.
Here is our stick figure of Mako washing her red clogs.

14. Another stick figure action move!

15.  T's Cherry Blossom art-- T created the branches by blowing through a straw and then dotted pink paint for the cherry blossoms.

Did you enjoy the collage format of this row?!  It was quite fun to make!  I may just do it again : )  

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