Penguin Week


The cold Midwest weather is the perfect time to learn about our Antarctic friends-- the penguins!  We filled our week with various penguin themed printables, arts and crafts, and even went to our local mall to see a couple Magellanic penguins!

penguin printables

Arctic Food Chain- I couldn't find what I was looking for browsing the Internet, so we created our own.  Using clip art images online, we created a simple version of the Arctic food chain.

T also completed some copy work and we labeled the Continents were you can find penguins-- did you know that not all penguins live in Antarctica?!  Many penguins actually live in warmer climates!

At the end of the book Penguins! by National Geographic Kids, they included pictures of all 17 penguins and their height measurements, so we marked the Emperor penguin (tallest), the Fairy penguin (shortest) and a few others on the wall with painter's tape to see how T measured up and if a Emperor penguin was around, T would be looking him straight in the eye!

penguin math activity

I cut tissue paper squares before hand and had the kiddos glue the pieces onto the penguin template.

penguin craftpenguin craft

Paper Tube Penguins
Aren't they too cute?!  Love when both kiddos can complete the same activity.
Little sis (22mo) is on the left-- big brother help cut the beak and feet out for her : )
T's is on the right.

Just gather your paper tubes, paint, googly eyes, and orange triangles for the beak and feet.  We used our stash of paint chips (the kiddos bathroom is orange-- not that color though ; ) ).

penguin craft

I had specifically planned to have a Penguin week as, Sea World's Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin stopped into town!  We were able to see a couple of Magellanic penguins up close!  

penguin themed activities