Letter D Toddler Activities


Little Sis has started to get into Big Brother's school stuff, so I thought perhaps it is time to dedicate some learning activities just for her.  

Big Brother was rowing, Three Names, this past week so I decided to stick with the dog theme and start with the Letter D.

Tot School is officially underway!!

My plans for little sis are just to expose her to letters, numbers, counting, and other learning concepts-- nothing formal!

Letter D Toddler Activities

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{Update:  This post originally appeared withing our row of Three Names, but as we have come to complete the alphabet, I felt we needed a separate post-- or else our Tot School page wouldn't be complete!  Yes, the Type A/ Need Order side of my personality often makes an appearance.}

To start of Tot School here's a little of what we did; it was very simple!  

But I think Little Sis enjoyed having a few activities that she was able to do AND I think Big Brother enjoyed some Tot School time, too! 

Toddler Activities

  • Melissa and Doug See & Spell-- I just gave her the letters that spelled dog
  • Decorated a "D" with Dog stickers
  • Made doggie ears and played "Puppy School"
  • Built a dog house from a diaper wipes box and used it to talk about positions-- on, in, under, behind, etc.

Toddler Dog Activities

Stay tuned for more tot school activities.....

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