Learning with Five in a Row: Three Names


I'll be honest, I wasn't exactly looking forward to rowing Three Names from Volume 2 because it is one of the longer books to read and sometimes I loose T's attention with long winded stories.  I ended up reading this book before nap/ quiet time several days during this row and to my surprise, he very much enjoyed the story!  Three Names is a story of memories about life on the prairie, school, and a dog named, Three Names.

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Social Studies:
Geography- Canada & Great Plains States
Prairie Life
Because we have made a flag for the United States already, we chose to make the flag of Canada to add to our Trip Around the World Garland as the Great Plains do stretch that far north!

Coloring the Great Plains

To extend our learning about Prairie Life, we also read Dakota Dugout and Covered Wagons, Bumpy Trails and completed a worksheet from Beginning Geography by Evan-Moor.

Language Arts:
Descriptive Writing: Five Senses Poem about Snow (since we had a TON of it!)

Truth be told, I always get exasperated with this type of activity as I don't know how to explain to him that I want him to describe snow.  T would just soon say, "I see snow. I taste snow... " Gah!

In the end, this is what we came up with... after much prodding!!!
I see white falling from the sky
I touch soft snow
I taste water
I smell nothing
I hear kids playing

Ordinal Numbers
Grouping/ Multiplication: Using Dog Bones (Popsicle sticks), we found out how old T would be in dog years-- and we completed a couple other worksheets.

T would be 35 in dog years!!

Vanishing Perspective

We read Twister on Tuesday (Magic Tree House Series book # 23) & the accompaning Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #8 about Tornadoes
Animals: Dogs

Just for Fun: 
A couple of fun extras that were mentioned somehow in the book....
Homemade butter: Poured a little bit of Whipping Cream in a Mason jar and shook it up!

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade: Used recipe from Hidden Sisters
T tried learning how to tie his shoes:  Watched a couple YouTube videos to show him different ways, but still learning!!

Have you read Three Names yet?

I am pleasantly surprised with all that we did and learned with this book!

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