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Papa's Pearls author, Dianne Flynn Keith has quite a resume.  Have you heard of Carschooling,, or maybe UniversalPreschool?   In every website and/or book authored by Diane, it has been her desire to help families break free from the conventional classroom walls. To expand on her desire and "to help parents and children reach their full potential and enjoy the extraordinary lives they deserve," Dianne shares pearls of wisdom from her beloved father in a short easy to read book perfectly titled, "Papa's Pearls".

I received a free copy of this book and took the opportunity to review "Papa's Pearls: A Father's Gift of Love and Wisdom to His Children and Grandchildren" as part of the SchoolHouse Review Crew.


Some believe that a wonderful life is handed to others.  What they don't know is the choices that person had to make and the thoughts that helped propel that person forward.  Your actions and thoughts matter; you direct your path-- and Dianne's beloved father,"Papa," gives you several pearls to make sure you take the right road.

Carol Joseph Flynn had become a successful business man and loving father and husband, however his life prior to his successes probably would have led him a different way.  He lived through the depression, served in WWII, and could have had a completely different life.  His family is thankful that he steered a different course, and Dianne shares that with you in "Papa's Pearls."

Papa's pearls of wisdom spanned generations.  The book is full of tender memories shared by Papa's children and great-grandchildren.  Each chapter shares a "pearl" that Papa lived his life by.  Papa transferred his positive thinking and way of life to his family.

The way it was written made me feel as he was saying it to me.  It felt as if I was in the presence of Dianne and her family and they were having a grand ol' time sharing memories of their most loved Papa.  As I read, I realized his pearls are shared by many in the "self-help/ positive thinking" group.  How wonderful that his children and grand-children were to receive such wisdom in someone so close to them.  Every person should know and take to heart these truths.  

Some of Papa's timeless truths:
"Tell yourself you like itYou are what you think
"You gotta roll with the punches"
You gotta use your street smarts"
When you fall down-- get back up, brush yourself off, and try again!"
"Keep a foxy pocket"
"Be grateful everyday!"

As I mentioned, it was an easy read-- just over 100 pages in 17 chapters.  Each chapter got the point across without extra fluff.  You knew what Papa was trying to tell you.  

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The memoir starts and ends with Papa's favorite saying, "I love you, you know that, right?"  And giving and knowing love was core to Papa's being.  Once you've read this book, you will feel that Papa is talking to you, too.  Papa's "pearls" were meant not just for his family, but for YOU, too!  Know that you are loved and that you deserve a blessed life!

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