5 Simple Toddler Fine Motor Skills Activities


I wasn't very organized after our week with the Letter S, as I didn't have a letter planned out nor did I put our S activities away in a timely fashion.... so no major theme this week; it was just all about fine motor skills.  These activities were out all week, but had my camera handy on one of the days the boys were out...  When the boys are away, the girls will play... : )

My take on Hi Ho Cherry-O:
I printed out a picture of a tree and glued it to a box.  Next I poked holes all over so that Little Sis would have to pick up the cherry's and/or put them on the hole.

 Golf tees, foam block, & marbles

 Spooning flat marbles

Pipe cleaner Fishing
I twisted pipe cleaners into a basic fish shape, then attached a round magnet to a dowel = fishing pole!

Lacing Buttons
Her shelves also had: bag of Megablocks, Button Art, Peg Board, & a basket filled with Alphabooks.

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