How to Draw Cartoons Step by Step: See the Light Cartooning DVD


Learn how to draw cartoons step-by-step with master artist, Pat Knepley!  This homeschool art DVD curriculum is great for beginners and kids of all ages!

See The Light Art DVD's "Bring An Art Teacher Into Your Home." And, I love that because there certainly isn't one in our home, if you know what I mean!  I've shared before my feelings of inadequacy with anything related to "artsy" art, so when we had a chance to review an Art Project DVD by See The Light  I was thrilled!  

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I received a free copy of See The Light's Cartooning DVD through the SchoolHouse Review Crew.  Crew members also had the chance to review several other Art Project DVD's, so be sure to check those out!

The DVD brought Master Artist, Pat Knepley into our living room for a little over an hour of Cartooning instruction.  Pat Knepley has a degree in Art Education and has taught art to school aged children in classroom settings throughout her teaching career.  
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Art Projects: Cartooning DVD takes doodling to a whole new level.  While exploring the art of cartooning, your student is also exposed to Art History, Art Elements (line, space, & shape), and Art Concepts (exaggeration & movement).  It's done in a way where the student doesn't even realize they are doing something "school" related!  Bonus!!

Cartooning is all about exaggeration, but the materials aren't!

Cartooning Materials List:

  • pencil
  • several sheets of white paper
  • pencil sharpener, black marker
  • permanent black marker

Basic supplies plus unlimited imagination = LOTS of fun for all ages!  It's a very easy to follow art DVD for beginners, too!

How to Draw Cartoons Step by Step

I had Big Brother get comfortable on the couch with his supplies, pushed 'PLAY' on the DVD player and he cartooned away! 

See the Light Cartooning DVD Art Curriculum Review from school Time Snippets

Through easy to follow, step by step instructions, Big Brother first learned how to create cartoon vegetables-- a pepper, carrot, and tomato!

Cartoon vegetable tutorial from See the Light Cartooning DVD

During the video he also drew faces and body shapes.

How to Draw Cartoons Step by Step Art Curriculum

Big brother enjoyed the DVD for the most part; the instructions were easy to follow.  Our only dislike about the DVD was that there is no main menu that breaks the DVD into "parts."  I had to pause the DVD a couple of times and once I pushed "stop" instead... and since our DVD player remote is M.I.A, we had to watch everything all over again, which put a damper in my son's enthusiasm to keep drawing.  It is an hour long video, so breaking it into "parts" would be a good idea for young kiddos that are doing the DVD alone.  

See The Light's Cartooning DVD was a fun way to add some Art into our school day.  The DVD retails for $14.99.


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