Bouncy Ball Painting: Summer Art for Kids


With five kiddos I am not one to welcome and get excited about mess, but summer is the perfect time to purposely set up some messy fun!  Mess inside, not good.  Mess outside, go for it!  Grab your stash of bouncy balls to create this fun summer art project the kids will love!!

summer art for kids


Summer Art for Kids

Set up this fun summer art project by pouring different colors of paint into an empty egg carton or sections of a muffin tin.

bouncy ball summer art painting

Simply have your child dip the ball into the paint and..... "Bombs Away!!"

Have your child drop the ball onto the paper!  Encourage your child to experiment what happens with the ball dropped from way up high versus down low.

bouncy ball painting

Because of the paint, there was no bouncy action; more of a "THUD!"  

But Hey!  Who cares... 
you're outside... 
with paint... 
making a BIG mess!

summer art for kids

Enjoy some messy fun!!  It is the perfect Summer art project!

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