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4th of July Noise Maker Craft for Kids

Grab a couple of empty paper towel rolls and make some noise for the USA!!  

Well, you will have to dazzle them up a bit, but it's an easy and fun activity to do in anticipation for the 4th of July. I must say, I love this holiday for so many reasons-- memories, significance, and the colors.  Well, the last might be a superficial reason to celebrate such history, but don't you just love seeing red, white, and blue, too?!  

Ready to get festive?!  

easy 4th of july noise maker for kids

4th of July Craft for Kids

What you'll need:
  • paper towel rolls
  • paint
  • ribbon/ stickers/ etc. etc. 
  • egg carton cups
  • hot glue gun/ sticks
  • noise stash

Paint your paper towel rolls using red, white (or in our case, silver-- of course we ran out of white!!), and blue paint in any fashion that you wish.  

Do your kids LOVE painting as much as mine?!  Ah, they shriek and jump and down when I bring out the paints (while I am silently cringing and praying that this is over with sooner than later!).  
4th of july noisemaker kid craft

Next, we added some foam stickers and wire garland to ours after our paint dried.

4th of july noisemaker kid craft

To close up one end, you'll take an egg carton cup and add in some wire garland, as we did (if you wish) and glue it into the paper towel roll.  

Glue the inside rim of the paper towel roll and fit the egg cup right inside; it is a perfect fit!!  

And if needed, trim around the egg carton.  

4th of july noisemaker kid craft

To add in the noise, you'll need a stash of hard noodles, water bottle caps, rice... whatever is handy!   

Add in your "noise" stash and do the same thing to the other end of the paper towel roll...

4th of july noisemaker kid craft

Then, make some noise!!!  

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Have fun celebrating!

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