How to Introduce Baby to Problem-Solving


Our littlest guy is 6 months already!!!

And I must say, I LOVE LOVE this age/ stage!!  Not only because he but because of how interactive he has become.

I am sure I don't have to share with you how much your baby learns and grows during the first year of life.

Babies are ready to learn and absorb from early on.

Though, we first-timers, scour through those "What To Expect" books eagerly awaiting our baby to hit a certain milestone, and when he/she does we do a little happy dance-- Lol!

Or maybe that was just me?!

Now after baby 1 and 2, those baby books have been tossed in some box way up high in the garage and I'm just enjoying watching this little guy.

Just enjoying every bit of sweetness and curiosity in him.

simple baby play for sitting babies

We brought down a huge bag of balls that came with the ball pit that popped oh so long ago, and Baby Boy LOVED them!

Simple Baby Play Idea

I didn't mean to make this into an activity to blog about, but there was just SO much cuteness, I had to share!!


  • see-through bowl
  • balls

With a see-through bowl and a couple of balls, you can make a little problem-solving activity for your itty-bitty!  

Just set the balls under the bowl and see how baby figures out how to get the balls underneath.  
Simple Baby Play Idea

Yay!  Great job, baby boy!!

Simple Baby Play Idea

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