Easiest Baby Play Idea Ever! Make Your Own Water Ball Pit


This idea isn't anything new, but it is GENIUS!  It keeps baby busy and provides a chance to get some FUN photos of baby playing!   Playful Learners beat me to posting and took the activity one step further with adding food coloring to the water.  Check it out!

Such a simple and fun activity is great for baby's hand-eye coordination.  It was so precious to watch my sweet boy try and grab the ball and splash around!  He has just recently been able to sit for prolonged periods all by himself, and this was a great activity to strengthen his muscles and get him active and using those hands to reach and grab.

I just grabbed my roasting pan (that never gets used) from the kitchen, filled it up with water, and big brother and sissy filled up the pan with loads of balls!

 So many to choose from!

Concentrating so hard to get that red ball!

Aren't simple activities the best?!

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