Fun Syllable Snap! Reading Game


This 4th of July holiday, grab some extra "Bang Snaps" or "Poppers" for this fun reading game!

Although Big Brother knows how to break up words into 'sound chunks,' I used this Bang Snap activity as a fun, hands-on way to review syllables.  

Grab some poppers from your 4th of July celebration and practice breaking up works into syllables.  

Your beginning reader will love this hands-on activity.

Counting Syllables Game

You can find these types of noisemakers leading up to the 4th of July; different companies call them different names, but ours happened to be called, "Bang Snaps."   They are also called, "Poppers."  When you throw them down on a hard service, they make a loud cackling "bang" sound-- hence the name!

Syllable Game for Kids

  • Bang Snaps
  • Word List

I though they would be a perfect way to review syllables as one is breaking up a word into "chunks." This fun, syllable game is a great way to encourage word awareness and help your child decode words.
With each "chunk" a bang snap would be thrown.  

I just gave Big Brother a handful of bang snaps and called out words such as "dinosaur," "hippopotamus," his name, etc. etc. and he threw a bang snap for every sound chunk he said.  

So "dinosaur" became "di-no-saur" using up three bang snaps!

Forget the worksheets, this hands-on activity was a fun to learn how to break up words into syllables!

Just as with any type of fireworks-- please be careful!! 

Enjoy this fun syllables game!  You might also enjoy this reading activity to do with your beginning reader: Learn to read with the Magic E!