Five In a Row's When I Was Young in the Mountains Literature Unit


Whoa!!  It's been over a month since I have shared a FIAR post!  I've been busy posting reviews, Tot School with Little Sis, and fun summer craft ideas that I have neglected sharing with you what T has been up to!  We finished T's FIAR 5K school year around the end of May and are now diving into our Summer Schooling plans.  

We ended T's last month of FIAR units with When I Was Young in the Mountains, Henry the Castaway, and The Duchess Bakes a Cake.  With the exception of our last row, the other two aren't picture heavy and I've just not been in the mood to sit and write such detailed posts like I have throughout the year!  Excuse the burn-out!  

But I did want to share some highlights from When I Was Young in the Mountains by Cynthia Rylant.  A couple fun highlights from this row were:
our Snake Egg experiment for Science

Most snakes lay eggs that feel soft and leathery, so with our own egg and vinegar we had the chance to feel what it would be like because there is no chance we'll be touching an actual snake egg any time soon!

Just add vinegar to a cup with the egg in it.  The vinegar ate away at the shell and made it disinegrate.
And left the egg soft and squishy-- just don't push on it too hard unless you want to be covered in egg yolk!!

... and our Social Studies/ History lesson which took us Antiquing!  I asked T to be in charge of taking pictures and this is the best one I have of the "oldies" we found ; )  We also spotted a wood stove, trolls (hello 90's!!), old kitchen utensils, 60's furniture, etc. etc.!!  It was definitely a fun field trip!

Comparing/ Contrasting between Then & Now

For art, we did an "I Spy" activity...

For our math lesson, I intended to do an activity with a 'make-your-own' scale, but we didn't have the materials on hand that day (organization hasn't been my strong suit lately!), so instead we figured out how many gallons of milk T weighed.  
Okay, okay... not exactly the lesson outlined in the book... but it worked ; )

Stay tuned for our last two rows!  

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