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Make Your Own DIY Sensory Balls

We have gotten good use of our bin of plastic ball pit balls over the last several weeks.  

The overabundance of plastic balls we have were gifted to us, but I would imagine any store that sells the small blow up ball pits/ tunnels should also sell bags of extra plastic balls.  

I've shared a couple activities with those balls-- problem solving activitywater ball pit fun, and now... DIY Sensory Balls.

diy sensory balls for babies

Update!  These balls have been played with for the last month--under active momma supervision-- and have kept up well! 

Update 2!!  I have since taken away the velcro and foam sticker balls as his little teeth have been able to pull them off slighty!  And he now loves the feathered ball!

Disclaimer:  Please watch your baby with this or any baby play activity you see online!  If baby still likes to put any and everything in his/her mouth, please be extra watchful or wait to make your own for when baby is a little older.

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Sensory Play for Babies

I gathered different tactile materials and adhered them to the plastic balls
  • foam number stickers-- not sure where these came from, but I would imagine in any section of a craft store and/or the Dollar Store?! 
  • velcro dots
  •  feathers-- any ol' craft store (and a supply of these in your craft closet for the kiddos is a MUST!)
The velcro dots and foam stickers didn't need anything extra to attach them, but for the feathers I did use hot glue along the spine of the feather.

Not sure about the feather ball at first.... 
and then he kinda like it.

Sensory Activity for Babies

Fixated on the foam stickers
Sensory Activity for Babies

Touching the soft & rough velcro pieces
Sensory Activity for Babies

I think the ball with the foam stickers is his favorite!  
Sensory Activity for Babies

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