Make a Volcano {Science with the Magic School Bus}


We are movin' and groovin' along with our Summer Schooling Plans... yay!  And I love how different pieces of curriculum we are using come together and mesh so effortlessly; almost like I planned it all, but I'll tell ya, I had nothing to do with it!

And here is what I mean...

Over a month ago we received our second Magic School Bus Science Kit and it laid unopened for a few weeks because we were busy doing something (obviously not that important because I now cannot recall what that something was- Ha!).  Now, fast forward another couple weeks when we began our Earth & Space Task Cards from Creek Edge Press and the second card is all about Volcanoes; want to take a wild guess what our science kit was all about?!?!

You guessed right, Volcanoes!

After completing the tasks such as reading, drawing a diagram, and watching videos... we set to work building our volcano.  For this activity, the kit provided everything but the water bottle, shoe box, baking soda, vinegar, and extra dish soap.  We taped the provided construcion paper around our water bottle, then made a paste with flour & water to create a paper mache effect.  After drying, we used the supplied black paint and brush to cover it up.

One of the experiments was to try different ratios of baking soda/ vinegar to see what made the best "explosion" but since we were short on vinegar, we just looked up ratios online.

The experiments/activities in this kit included:
The Layers of the Earth
Label the Volcano
Building the Volcano
Exploring Pumice
Floating Pumice
Magic Explosion Mixture
& last, but not least...
Volcanic Eruption

If you are a fan of the Magic School Bus, check out a list of activities/ experiments you can do at home.  Have fun exploring!  And don't forget to pick up this great go-along at your library!