Color Golf Game for Toddlers


Tot school with Little Sis has taken a back seat during these hot summer months.  Since Big Brother's schedule is so laid back, I have not taken the time to set up any learning trays for her.  She has enjoyed following her big brother around, helping me take care of baby, playing in the water, watering our plants, and making messes for momma!  While I haven't put together any themed learning, we are still learning! We are learning through PLAY!

As with most toddlers learning colors, there comes a time when everything is a certain color.  And in this house, everything is purple! Ha!  So, I thought I would combine a little learning and play at the same time in this Color Golf activity.

color activity for toddlers

Outdoor Color Game for Toddlers

This was a super simple easy activity to set up.


You can set this activity up any way you wish, and we ended up doing it a couple different ways.  

First, use Do A Dots or crayons/ markers to color the paper plates.  

If playing outside, grab the golf tees and poke them into the middle of the plate so they don't move and blow away.  

Then, PLAY!  Have your tot hit the plastic balls onto the matching hole (aka paper plate). 

The first time we played, we used two colors.  Big Brother was red and Little Sis was blue.  I gave Big Brother 5 balls and Little Sis 3 balls.  I tossed them into the air, and each were to get their plastic balls onto the paper plate.  

OR, you could use one ball per colored plate and have your tot hit each ball onto the matching plate.  

Little Sis initially started off using the tot friendly blue club, but when big brother left her... she decided to take his golf club. Ha!

So gather your materials and head outside for a rousing game of color golf! 

I'd love for you to follow along so you never miss out on one of our fun activities we share at School Time Snippets!
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