A 'Turtle-y' Awesome 6th Birthday


My son recently turned SIX!!!  I am just in awe of this sweet boy of mine.  He is definitely loved beyond words.  To get ready for his birthday bash with some family, I asked T what kind of cake he wanted secretly hoping that it was NOT a car or Monster Truck theme (been there, done that!)  So I was pleasantly surprised when he replied, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."  Yes!  Something different!  There are many cute cute ideas out there, too!  I've pinned several to my Party board.  

So along with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Napkin Banner, homemade birthday signs, LOTS of green balloons, Ninja Turtle ceiling decorations, table cloth, & noise makers that I picked up at Party City, the party wouldn't be complete without granting my son's birthday wish-- A Ninja Turtle Cake!

I simply split the cake batter into two 8 inch cake pans, baked as directed and then put one on top of the other.  Then I slathered on the green tinted icing, and added the red mask, eyes, and mouth with colored icing that you can buy in the tubes.
AND! A birthday shirt or outfit is a MUST!!  So, feeling inspired by a custom ordered shirt on Etsy and pressed for time I made up this Birthday shirt for my now 6 year old Ninja Turtle fan.  I purchased the green muscle tee from Walmart and completed this No-Sew Ninja shirt over two days.  I used fabric paint for all the details and am so glad it turned out!  I painted the green six first, then the red mask, white eyes, black eyeballs, black belt, and finally painted the red R-- for Raphael!
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