Five in a Row: Henry the Castaway


For your little explorers, Henry the Castaway by Mark Taylor is a fun, fun read!  One morning Henry decides to go exploring and ends up on a remote island far from home, but like any explorer, Henry was prepared and was safely brought home.  I love books that display a child's imagination at work!  

The highlight of this row was creating a Tin Foil River & exploring just like Henry!

Homeschooling with Five in a Row

For Math, we re-visited tally marks
For Social Studies/ Geography, I printed out a Treasure Hunt worksheet from Beginning Geography
 and we made more flags to add to our Trip Around the World Garland; we chose two South American countries because Henry mentions the Orinoco River.

We have one more "row" to share with you!  If you are a rower, I hope you don't skip out on Henry the Castaway-- it's a great read and provides many opportunities to play and learn!

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