7 Must Read Dinosaur Books


Children of all ages are often captivated by dinosaurs; mine are no different.  The kiddos ROAR! like dinosaurs around the house.  We have dinosaur toys. And our dinosaur fun wouldn't be complete without several dinosaur books.

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dinosaur books for kids
I received Where Are the Dinos?" by Julia Dweck in exchange for an honest review right here on my blog, so enjoy!

"Where Are the Dinos?" {Kindle Edition} can be purchased for $2.99.  It can also be viewed on a Mac, PC, Android, or Ipad/Iphone using Amazon's free cloud reader or Kindle App.  I chose to download the Kindle App to my Iphone for reading/ viewing.  This was our first ever ebook!  Although, I would definitely recommend having something larger to view the book with than an Iphone.  I was squinting a bit and had to hold the phone closer than normal to read the text-- not to mention two of us were trying to enjoy the story, so heads and hands easily got in the way.  
The text though, was adorable!  It was playful and full of rhyme.  The story begins with a group getting ready to tour the zoo, when someone asks, "Where are the Dinos?"  The story continues with question after question such as, "Where do dinos shop for food? Do they go on dino dates? Where do dinos go on breaks?  Such inquisitive questions I am sure your little one wants answers to! 

The illustrations by Bob Ostrom are colorful and fit the text perfectly.  You can "see" the tour guide's frustration as he shouts, "They're not here. They're all EXTINCT!"   But the joke is on the tour guide!  Read it to see the surprise ending!  I think you and your little will enjoy the story, indeed!  

The ebook also shares instructions on how to draw your own dinosaur, 5 Dinosaur Facts, and a Dinosaur Word Scramble.

 And here are six more of our favorite dinosaur books!

Dinosaur Book List for Kids

Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp:  

I love love love this book!  We received this at my baby shower when I was pregnant with my son and it has been well-read!  It's full of rhyme text and cute illustrations about dinosaurs getting ready for the Dinosaur Stomp!  

Dinosaur Book List for Kids

Have You Seen My Dinosaur?

This cute story by Jon Surgal is about a little boy and his pet dinosaur.  One day his dinosaur decides to play hide-n-seek and no one can seem to find him-- maybe YOU can!

I Dreamt I was a Dinosaur: 

A little boy dreams he is a dinosaur and meets all sorts of friends, until "Rex the Wrecker" comes his way.  The illustrations use sequins, felt, and beading to shape and decorate the dinosaurs; it's beautiful!

Dinosaur Book List for Kids

Curious George's Dinosaur Discovery:  

Everyone's favorite curious little friend goes on a dinosaur dig!  George helps dig, sift, and dust but has yet to find any dinosaur bones.  The outing takes an unexpected turn when George climbs up a mountain....Will George find dinosaur bones?

Dinosaur Book List for Kids

How Does A Dinosaur Say Goodnight?  

"How does a dinosaur say goodnight when Papa comes to turn off the light?"  Does he pout? Stomp his feet? Throw his teddy bear about?  This book by Jane Yolen is entertaining AND models good bedtime behavior our littles should exhibit! 

Dinosaur Book List for Kids

Dinosaurs Before Dark 

This is the first book in the Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne.  It is an easy to read fantasy chapter book.  A brother and sister pair find a magic tree house that takes them to the time of dinosaurs.

Any more dinosaur books we should read?  Are one of our favorites a favorite in your house, too?

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