9 Creative Ways to Explore the World


Though maps are the first thing I typically think of when I hear the word, "geography," did you know that Geography entails SO MUCH MORE??  Using/ reading maps is just the "tip of the iceberg."  Geography encompasses people, culture, landforms, etc etc. Geography is learning about the world in which we live, which is a BIG BIG place!

hands-on geography ideas

Hands-on Geography Activities

The world in which we live, is so vast-- so much bigger than the street on which we live.  Have you ever wondered how you can get your child to grasp and understand such intangible concepts-- I mean, we cannot just hop on a plane and visit France... walk alongside tribes in Africa... or explore the icy cold continent of Antarctica.

Where is Ms. Frizzle when you need her! Ha!

Well to make Geography more interactive than simply staring  and pointing at a huge, complicated-looking map, here are some fun links to get your child discovering the world he/ she lives in!

Start with YOU!

Make Your Own!


Find It!


Raise the Flag! 


Get Specific!

Have fun exploring the fun of Geography with these great links!