Homeschool Room Tour


This year's school room is quite different from last years.  Shortly after I posted our 2012-2013 school room, we bought a house!  We've been in our new school room for a year now, but I've finally pieced it together just the way I want it.... for right now, anyways! I have a un-healthy fetish for moving furniture-- seriously, ask my mom, hubby, or sweet kids!  In fact, I've already re-arranged some of the wall posters since taking these photos just. the.other. day!  

Our school room was one of the first rooms painted when we first moved in.  When I came across "Friendly Yellow" by Sherwin Williams online, I knew we had to use it somewhere... and the school room won!  My awesome hubby did a wonderful job painting, finishing up the trim, and making it our very own "special" place for school.  Although, with a toddler and a baby on board, we float upstairs for some subjects, too.  But everything is stored and stashed here.  

So without further ado, 

Homeschool Room Idea

My favorite space has recently become our "Art Wall."  We added some spangle mix by CraftProjectIdeas to our A-R-T letters to add in some jazz!  I've also recently become obsessed with spray paint and used it to make the art "clip boards."  

Moving over a bit, I have set up a Calendar (from Dollar Store)/ Tot Wall for Little Sis.  Next to this wall is a closet filled with books, curriculum, paint, paper, stickers, puzzles, etc. etc.

Again, used spray paint on some cheap 4x6 frames, dazzled up clothespins, and hung flashcards for Number, Shape, and Color of the week.

Ooooo, pardon our crumby couch!  Looks like a date with the vacuum is in store. Ha!  Here is our reading nook and blackboard/ white board combo (from Ikea). 

Above the couch is a window that holds all our projects!  I can't just pack them away yet!  

Here's the whole wall, just in case you were eager to see my little make-shift desk area ; )  And my clutter on the ledge : )  

Shelves, shelves, shelves!  The one on the left holds Big Brother's school work, by subject and the bottom two shelves I am using for Little Sis' Tot Trays.  Above this shelf is our big ol' white board that doesn't get used much!  The shelf on the right has more storage than I need!!  But it does hold my very favorite homeschooling tool-- the laminator!   

The first row of shelves hold books, easy readers, and the blue bucket is FULL of different kinds of flashcards.

The second row:  The green bucket is full of coloring books and the shelves next to it contain crayons, Do A Dot Markers.  Not sure what I am going to fill the other cubbies with yet.... Thinking, thinking.  I don't want too much available or else it'll end up on the floor!

Initially, I bought this for Big Brother's school stuff, but didn't work out.  So instead, I have filled each tray with different Tot activities for little sis to grab when she wants.

Up until a week or so ago, we had a small red table the kiddos did their school stuff on... well, after 4ish years, it broke!  In a panic I was searching and searching for a white table that was cheap, sturdy, big enough, etc. etc.  And came up empty handed.  That is when my clever hubby decided to up-cycle a table we previously used in our old kitchen.  It was a counter height, black table that was broken, too.  I admit, I didn't "see" where he was going with this idea but his idea came through!  LOVE it!  And it's big enough for Big Brother and Little Sis to sit at without one creeping into the other's "space."  

And finally, to go along with our HOD {Beyond} studies, I made a chalkboard frame to hold our Verse of the Week.

So do you think it's purrrrr-dy?!  It might change in a week or two, so until then thanks for stopping by!  : )