Mirror Play for Babies


Have you placed your baby in front of a mirror yet?

Mirror Play is great for baby's focus, movement, ability to track movement, and explore.

It is so sweet to see their reaction to their reflection!  When my oldest was 6ish months, he loved to give kisses in the mirror.

My daughter was a bit freaked out about this itty-bitty thing staring back at her ; )  But she LOVES the mirror now!

And my sweet baby boy was all about trying to touch and grab at this new friend of his!
mirror play for babies

For this activity I just propped him in front of our mirrored closets and let him explore, but there are many other activities to do in front of the mirror to have fun with baby:
  • Point to baby's body parts
  • Add wet foam to the mirror and see if baby tries to grab at it
  • Make silly faces
  • Wave hello/ goodbye
  • Clap your hands, stomp your feet, and shout "Hooray"
  • Play Peek a Boo with your hands and/or play Peek a Boo with the lights, while holding baby.
  • add squigz to the mirror

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