Fascinating World of Birds DVD: Fun Animal Facts for Kids {Review}


The Fascinating World of Birds is a fun, animal DVD for kids showcasing the penguin, macaw, ostrich, goose, owl, and more in a 44 minute educational DVD.

As a homeschoolin' momma, I am a big fan of educational products-- games, books, puzzles,etc. etc.  I feel if you are going to be doing/ playing/ watching something, you might as well learn something, too!  And if it is a DVD with an educational element to it, I am all for sitting down for a little movie break.  So I was especially pumped for the opportunity to review The Fascinating World of Birds DVD from BrainFood Learning.

Bird Facts DVD for Kids

Animal DVD for Kids

Appropriate for all ages, BrainFood Learning's "The Fascinating World of...." series has a DVD specific to birds, insects, and mammals.  As part of the SchoolHouse Review, my kiddos and I had the opportunity to watch,  The Fascinating World of Birds.  It retails for $14.99.


Bird Facts for Kids

I can see this video coming in handy if your child is particularly interested in birds and/ or as an extra learning resource for a unit study.  The 44 minute DVD begins sharing characteristics common to all birds- such as feathers and beaks.  You have the option of watching the video from beginning to end or using the chapter menu to watch a three minute segment on the bird of your choice.  

The DVD highlights interesting facts and vocabulary words for each bird.  The Fascinating World of Birds showcases the penguin, macaw, goose, owl, American Robin, Pelican, Eagle, Woodpecker, Hummingbird, and.... 

Bird Facts for Kids

The video quality of the birds was awesome!  It was as if you were standing right there with them in their natural habitats.  Being up close and personal allowed all of us to actually see how fast a hummingbird flaps his wings!  And the amazing wingspan of an Eagle flying in the sky.  The video was both captivating and engaging.  Equally important as video quality, the narrator was easy to follow and listen to.

The DVD also provided a Review section.  As it played my son eagerly shouted out the answers!  I think this function is great for classrooms, co-op, and home school settings.  The review provided a focus for key vocabulary words to remember, as well as the birds in the DVD.  You could even create True or False statements based on the multiple choice review or you could use the FREE coordinating lesson plans that BrainFood put together.  Overall, besides being educational.. it's enjoyable to watch!

Click on the video to see a short snippet for yourself!

During the review, we played the video during free play and both my 6 and 2 year old happily played a little, watched a little, played, watched, etc. etc.  Even my 7 month old took a few glances!  Another day we played it during quiet time where he retained more information because little sister was not in the room to bug him!  Now I think a trip to the zoo is in store to get the chance to see many of these birds in person!

It would be neat if "The Fascinating World of..." series expanded on the volumes they already have and/or make one all about Sea Life (I think that would be a big hit, too!).

Brainfood Animal DVD

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