1st Grade Curriculum Choices


Tis' the season that a new school year is underway-- or, almost anyways!  We just received my 1st Graders curriculum late last week, so now I need to go through it all and organize things so they are ready to go and also to familiarize myself with the way this curriculum works.  We've had a fun 3 years with Five in a Row (2 years I have shared on this blog), but for various reasons we are moving on to...

Heart of Dakota Homeschool Curriculum

Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory by Heart of Dakota!

1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Back in the Spring I knew we needed something different.  In this season of life, I wasn't interested in piecing together what we would do.  In all honesty, I wanted it all done for me.  I just wanted to open a manual and see what was to be done for the day-- and I didn't want to have to figure that out.  I wanted God's word to be woven into our studies.  I wanted my son to learn American history.  I wanted it to be literature based.  I don't like to put myself in a box, but I definitely lean towards a Charlotte Mason teaching philosophy... And, I wanted it to be do-able!

And in all my searching I kept coming back to Heart of Dakota.  I'd frantically search around... and then find peace when reading about Heart of Dakota.  I'd search some more... And you get the point.  The last step was taking the plunge and ordering the curriculum!

We received the shipment just days after our order!  Our "box day" went something like this:

T: "We have a package."
Me: "Great! Get it and let's see what it is"
T: "It says, "Kristina."  Why do you keep getting packages?
Me: "Well, it's really for you...."
{T perks up and opens the box}
T: "What?!  More books?!"
Me: "Yes!  It is what we'll be using for school this year!"
{T walks away}

He is SO excited!  Can't ya tell?!  Ha!

And onto the other "heavy-hitters" for my 1st Grader:

Language Arts

As of now, I do not have a phonics program but will be using the Emerging Reader's Set that goes along with Heart of Dakota's Beyond Curriculum.  We'll see how just reading goes, but I'll also have him continue on with online lessons from Reading Kingdom, which we are currently reviewing as part of the SchoolHouse Review Crew.

Heart of Dakota Beyond Readers

Read Alouds we'll be exploring

Heart of Dakota Beyond Read A Louds

All About Spelling Level 2-- finished AAS Level 1 a while ago, and I purchased Level 2 but we just never started it.  Beyond does touch on spelling everyday, so we'll see how this can be added into our school day.

1st Grade Spelling Curriculum


I've shared our issues with Math and have decided to put MUS away, and have purchased the 1st Grade Math Program from Christian Light Education.


Along with God's Wonderful Works that comes with our Beyond Package, we'll also continue completing activities from our Magic School Bus Monthly Science Kits.

Tot School

And for Little Sis, we'll continue on with Tot School!  I'd like all her learning to be playful and fun.  I hope to incorporate more Montessori activities and finish working through the whole Alphabet.  I know I'll be using 1+1+1=1's Bury It!  Idea, as she LOVES little trinkets and I also need to make a few busy bag ideas that I've pinned to my Tot Ideas Pinterest Board.  She, like T, is a late-talker so I plan on creating focus/ target words to really emphazise during the week.  And at some point, I'd like to make a calendar board that focuses on month/ day, and color, shape, number of the week.

What will you be doing this year?  Need more ideas?  Check out the 2013 Not Back to School Blog Hop

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