50 Ways to Encourage Your Beginning Reader


I am a homeschooling mama with a desire to teach my kiddos to love to learn.  Currently, my 6 year old son and I have been working on a very important skill since birth... the skill of reading. Without a doubt, reading is a very crucial skill... one that doesn't happen overnight, but with persistence and effort, all that "hard" work pays off.

There are many schools of thought on how to teach a child how to read; which one is right?  I am not sure. Ultimately, however you choose to educate your child in reading don't forget to make the process FUN!! Here are some ideas collected from fellow bloggers/ educators that will help teach, reinforce what your child has learned, and keep them motivated!

tips to encourage beginning reader

Get Moving

Play a Game

Letter/ Sound of the Week

  • If focusing on a certain letter, check out No Time for Flashcards; they have made a cute craft (or two) for each letter of the alphabet.  We've dazzled up several letters using such ideas!
  • THEN, check out Rock A Bye Butterfly's Letter of the Week posts that include workbox ideas, book suggestions, and activities.

Make Your Own Book

Make Up Silly Words

Turn Phonics Work into Words 


Make a Reading Stick

Use Learning Toys

Word Wall

Keep a Reading Log

Use your Senses

Eat & Read

Touch & Play

Make a "Special" Reading Place

Make a habit of visiting your Local Library
Fit Kids Clubhouse shares another 15 Tips to Encourage Reading in Your Child and heading to your local library is one of them!!


If this doesn't satisfy you, glean more tips from The Educators' Spin On It Spring Into Reading Series where you can see videos of your favorite bloggers/ educators sharing their tips and activities on various topics.

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