Family Hope Center: Understanding Child Brain Development {Review}


In a society where the focus is on one's disability through some sort of label such as ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, Dyslexic, Vegetable, etc., it was very refreshing to be introduced to The Family Hope Center; a center dedicated to help children (and adults) become well by restoring brain function.  The Family Hope Center focuses on ability; focusing treatment to the needs of the child-- comparing where he/she is vs. where he/she should be.
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With an undergrad degree in Audiology and Speech Sciences, I had some knowledge of brain function but the  DVD, "Understanding Child Brain Development" took my understanding to a whole new level.  I knew the brain was powerful, but I never grasped how deeply the function of our brain affects everything we do.  After watching the 2 hour presentation, I realized why the brain is rightly called the "command center."  

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Whether your child has been given  a label by the medical community or not,  I firmly believe every parent and child educator should watch this is a presentation.  In fact, this is the information I should have learned in undergrad!  Medication, muscle therapy, just dealing with it are not the only answers.  Husband and wife team, also the Directors of The Family Hope Center, Matthew and Carol Newell, bring encouragement to parents that have a child with some sort of medical label, by telling them they are not the problem; genes are not the problem-- "the problem is the problem."  Just hearing that must bring us all a sense of relief and hope; it liberates parents from the guilt of "What did I do wrong?"

Parents, you did nothing "wrong;" but for some reason or another a certain part of the brain is not functioning properly.  But hope can be found; the brain is built to be restored!  The brain is an organ that can be healed through targeted sensory stimulation.  The Family Hope Center treats a targeted area of the brain, so the child that suffers from dyslexia, bed wetting, lack of concentration and/ or motivation gets help through focusing on the area of interference, not just the symptoms.  

Be encouraged by family testimonies you can view on YouTube.

When we are born, the brain is 30% of our body!  The first year of life is of utmost importance to neurological organization.  Matthew Newell stressed the importance of creeping and crawling and how moving in cross pattern helps organize our brain.  He pieced together the importance of smell and how important it is for a baby to come through the birth canal.  He establishes why  children need to be on their tummies once they are born.  With three children I've heard the mantra from pediatricians and books to put baby on their tummy, but no one has said why it is important--Matthew Newell explains that it turns the brain ON! 

The information in this DVD was easy to understand and presented in a way where I want to know more.  And you can!  This is just a taste of what you will learn in their 3 day seminar.  But  they give some practical tips to start you off right now on the road to restoration:
  • proper nutrition: steer clear from any food with a label (detox)
  • drink filtered water
  • eliminate the use of EMF's-- microwaves, cell phones, etc; they conflict with our brain's frequency.
  • get out in the sun
If this is something that you would like to know more about, I encourage you to order the DVD.  Call 610-397-1737 or you can order Understanding Child Brain Development from IEW for $19.00 plus shipping.


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