GLAM Your Garden: Sparkly Rocks Craft


I've been digging around in my garden for the up-teenth time this past week;  who knows what is going to come back next year-- my flowers are probably pretty annoyed with me right now!  But while I was digging around, I managed to un-earth a couple of rocks in the process.

Since my spring flowers are long gone, and summer flowers are beginning to wilt, I thought it could use some GLAM using the rocks and a pack of Spangles from CraftProjectIdeas.Com.

garden craft

We'll be posting school related stuff soon enough, so I thought I'd mix it up a bit and share a simple Craft Time Snippet!  

Gather some rocks, spangle mix, and glue ( I used hot glue to make the process go quicker)

rock craft

 The Spangle Mix that CraftProjectIdeas.Com sent us were awesome!  We found butterlies, hearts, moons, circles, leafs, etc.  My daughter LOVED them!

spangles sequin craft

There was no method to our spangle madness; I applied glue and had my daughter pick a spangle for me to apply.  

Most are so little, I would not want her to burn her fingers by accidentally touching the glue.  It can happen!  

For the little rock, I applied the hot glue and then dipped the rock in a pile of spangles.

garden craft

And my garden is now, "GLAMed!!"

garden craft

Don't forget to check out CraftProjectIdeas.Com on Pinterest & Facebook, too!

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