Tips for Apple Picking with Kids


Tis' the season for All Things Apple!!

And apple fun is not complete without a trip to the Apple Orchard!  A couple days ago, the three kiddos and I ventured to the apple orchard-- a first for all of us!  It was a beautiful day and now we have more apples than I know what to do with.  Good thing my kiddos love homemade applesauce... we'll be making a lot of it!  Afterwards, we grabbed some apple slushies, apple donuts, and walked around the farm.

Since it was our first time apple picking, the workers gave us two important tips!

Two Important Apple Picking Tips

Apple Picking Tip #1

Don't just pull the apple off the tree, you must twist, twist, twist then pull!  Or else you just might end up pulling off the bud for next year's apple!

Apple Picking Tip #2

Do NOT pick up apples on the ground-- bees may be underneath!  You can be sure my kiddos listened to that tip! 

Here's a few other tips that we are making note of for next year:
  • wear toes-closed shoes; no sandals!
  • bring wipes for juicy apple hands
  • pick a day that;s not too hot
  • prepare to eat apples the rest of the day- ha!!
  • pack a lunch and make memories with your kids!

Have you made a trip out to the apple orchard yet?

Here's some more apple fun we've had: 

Have you been having some apple fun in your house lately?  If so, I invite you to link up and share with us what you and your kiddos have been up to!

Anything apples goes!  Printables. Recipes. Activities. Crafts.... If it is somehow related to apples, please share!

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  1. i ADORE that head of blonde curls on Abby! So cute...

  2. Your little girl is so cute, and what fun! We go to the apple orchard every year. Wonderful memories <3 Thanks for linking up with Field Trip Friday :)

    1. Thank you : ) And, Thanks for letting me share!

  3. I love your photos! It looks like an awesome time. Thanks for linking up with Field Trip Friday. I hope you will be able to join us again this week! :-)


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