Heart of Dakota {Beyond}: Unit 5


Up until the last few days of Unit 4, we would use our mornings to complete most of our school work.  Then I think the chaos of a toddler and crawling baby got the best of us and it was time to switch things up a bit!  This was the first week of doing our school work in the afternoon while Little Sis napped and baby brother was either crawling about and/or napping, too.  It seemed to work out well and one day it was so quiet that T made mention of it!  And indeed it was abnormally quiet-- like library quiet; and it's never like that around here! Ha!  

Poetry: "Song for a Little House"
Bible Verse:  Psalm 139: 13-14

Unit 5 was all about the Pilgrims settling in Holland.  Holland was much different than England and we made note of all the differences on our History Notebooking Page.
Heart of Dakota Beyond Unit 5

During our History readings, a tulip bulb was given to one of the little English girls.  She patiently waited for next spring to arrive so that her bulb would blossom; and Oh! How beautiful it was!  

For Art, we made our own tulip using a tutorial from MamaMiss.  

Heart of Dakota Beyond Unit 5

Our first science activity this week was learning one more property about light.  We learned that light 'moves though space in waves.'  

To show this we filled a little container of water and blew on the surface and watched the rippling effect; light travels in a similar rippled or wavy pattern.

Heart of Dakota Beyond Unit 5

The other science experiment was neat!  We used a toilet paper tube and listened to one another's heart beat!  Well, actually I listed to T's-- he said he couldn't hear mine! But rest assured, I know it was beating : )  

Next we watched a little video animation of how the heart works at E-Learning for Kids and I showed T how big his heart was by asking him to make a fist!  We are indeed wonderfully made!

Heart of Dakota Beyond Unit 5

We had some more fun with spelling this week!  I wrote out the alphabet outside and had T walk/ jump/ move about to spell out the words.  He loved this and made spelling much more fun : )  

Heart of Dakota Beyond Unit 5

Can you tell what his spelling word is here??
Heart of Dakota Beyond Unit 5

We also began a new book for storytime this week!  We'll see how his narration/ listening skills do during this read-aloud.  We are reading "Sword in the Tree" by Clyde Robert Bulla.

To introduce T to a new genre, Adventure Stories, I sent T on a treasure hunt!  He loved this!!

Heart of Dakota Beyond Unit 5Heart of Dakota Beyond Unit 5

He is doing great reading The Beginner's Bible and has the most trouble with the names!

Math has been going much better, too.

So another week has come and gone; it's hard to believe that it's been five weeks already!!

We also managed to go on a field trip this week to the Apple Orchard!  It was a fun time.  The post also contains a linky party of all things apple-- so come link up anything apple related or stop by for some apple inspiration!!

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