School Time Snippets Turns 2!


WOW!  I cannot believe School Time Snippets is turning TWO today!  Happy Birthday to us!  

I started this 'little ol' blog' so that family and friends out-of-state could keep in touch with us and for me to journal our homeschooling journey.  Honestly, I had *hoped* others would come read and see and get inspired by the activities we do and have done, but am baffled at the same time-- not expecting the tremendous love and comments from you dear readers {blush!}.  

If you are a newbie, we welcome you!  Over the past two years, my blog posts have ventured beyond just our homeschooling journey with Five in a Row-- we aren't just about schooling anymore!  If you homeschool too, you know that homeschooling is a lifestyle; it's a mish-mash of our days.  

Since our family and this blog has grown, we've shared some product reviews, fun crafts, baby play, and tot activities to our blog.  And you may know that every once and a while, I'll throw in a little Craft Time Snippet for mama to do!  

So through all my rambling, I just wanted to say.... 

for reading, following, and spending time with us!!  While your here check out School Time Snippets TOP 2 posts of all time:

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  1. Thank YOU for taking the time and energy to do what you do!!!! I am so PROUD of YOU!!!!! Xo love you!


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