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Sticky Fall Tree: Toddler Invitation to Create

Recently I've seen a lot of "Invitation to Play..." ideas floating around and I just LOVE the phrase!  Not sure who coined the phrase, but everyone is running wild with it... and I thought we'd have a go, too!  We took a couple of days off of doing any sort of themed Tot School to go on a field trip to the Apple Orchard and create some fall tree art.

Set up a fun "Invitation to Create:" Contact Paper Fall Tree for your kiddos, too!

Here's what we did....

For some extra creative fun, I set this activity up on Little Sis's chalkboard.

I cut a tree out of contact paper and taped it to her chalkboard.  I gathered some popsicle sticks, mini wooden sticks from CraftProjectIdeas.Com, buttons, and chalk.

Fall Tree Toddler Activity


I gave her some chalk so we could draw some scenery; I drew some grass, birds, and the sun... and she immediately erased it all ; )  So much for playing together! Ha!

Little Sis LOVED the mini wooden sticks and was very diligent in putting them on the tree trunk.

The "scribbles" to the the right of the tree she proudly announced were, "daddy!," "mommy," and her brothers! Don't we look purrr-ty?!

Even big brother came over and helped her create!  Such a blessing that they play well together... for the most part ; )  Trust me, they have their moments!  But so thankful we get to spend our days together and that we can share them with you!

Isn't contact paper SO fun?!

And here's 3 more Fall Tree ideas {that we've done} to keep you and your little(s) busy using your child's handprint as the tree trunk!  Grab a sheet of construction paper or canvas and create more gorgeous fall trees!

Create a fall tree with:
  • feathers
  • buttons
  • q-tips and paint