Heart of Dakota {Beyond}: Unit 8


Unit 8 is complete!  This week focused on the Pilgrims making their way to America.  The Pilgrims set sail with two ships, however shortly after they began their voyage, one of them began to leak.  They headed back to England and decided to set sail again with one ship, The Mayflower.  

For Art, T made his own picture of the Mayflower.  Since the ocean was often wavy, we used blue puffy paint to create the waves.

Heart of Dakota Beyond Lesson 8

My son has enjoyed the 2 days of Science per week!  I like how the activities are short  and sweet.  Although, sometimes my "adult" mind doesn't understand the connection of the activity to our History readings. Doesn't seem to bother my 6 year old though ; )

For our science activity, we added oil to a bag of water and noticed that they do not mix; the oil floated on top of the water.  We were to add salt to the oil/ water mix, which was to make the oil heavier and sink.

Heart of Dakota Beyond Unit 8

Memory Verse:
1 Thessalonians 5:11
"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up."

"Where Lies the Land?"
I must say that I have enjoyed the poetry readings every week.  I simply just read the poem every day and T will do 10 minutes of copywork.

We added the Mayflower to our timeline and then went outside to measure about how long the ship actually was!  The guide mentions that it was about 113 feet long, so this was good practice in measuring skills.  We started from our garage and almost ended up at the end of our street!

Heart of Dakota Beyond Unit 8

I pulled out our My Special Place on the Map activity we made over a year ago to show T where he is on the map.  We looked at our street, city, state, country, and continent.  From the looks on his face when I was sharing this with him, I could tell he didn't remember one-I-ota! HA!

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