Nature Exploration for Babies and Toddlers


The weather is about to take a turn for the worst here; true Fall-ish weather will be here before we know it! 

Thankfully we have taken advantage of the few beautiful days left and all the beauty that Fall brings.  

simple nature exploration for babies and toddlers

I didn't want my baby boy to miss out so I set up a nature exploration activity in our backyard.  

Simple Nature Exploration for Toddlers

  • mirror
  • nature materials
  • blanket

I grabbed my mirror that I used for our Ocean Sensory Play activity, a blanket, and had big brother gather some things from our yard.  

We had a few flowers, pine cones, pine tree branches, maple leaves, and a few other odds and ends for this Nature Exploration on a Mirror

nature exploration for toddlers

I set up our blanket under a tree so that we would see the tree's reflection in the mirror. It was a gorgeous afternoon and I simply sat baby boy down and let him explore!

Because we had a few smallish items on the mirror, I kept my eyes on him-- but how could I turn away, he is just oh, so cute!

baby play  sensory idea

Having the mirror on the ground intimidated him a bit; he would lean over, but this new surface made him a bit apprehensive and he would lean back.

He would come forward, reach for something, and lean back.

sensory play idea for babies and toddlers
Big brother and Little Sis came over to explore, too-- but I didn't have my camera handy. 

It was a great experience for all of us!  Has your baby explored the Fall beauty?

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