Simple Bottle Cap Soup Sensory Play


I have been meaning to use up my stash of bottle caps somehow, and today I am sharing one way to play with them!  

Do you have a stash, too?  

Please tell me I am not the only one that saves "loose ends" and empty cans?!  

Today, as part of our Fine Motor Friday series we are serving up some Bottle Cap Soup!

sensory play for kids

Simple Sensory Play for Kids

I gathered a large mixing bowl, spoons, bowls of our bottle cap "ingredients," and water.  For a little added learning (but not necessary), I wrote the ABC's, numbers, shapes, and Little Sis's name on the bottle caps using fabric paint.

I loved that the puffy paint on the caps added a sensory element to our play, however, Little Sis was not interested in that element!

Big Brother did a little color sorting with the bottle caps for a few minutes, but otherwise the kids just enjoyed playing!

Simple Bottle Cap Sensory Soup

Come one, come all... now serving Bottle Cap Soup!  

Lot's of pouring, scooping, pinching, dumping going on during our bottle cap soup making adventure.

sensory play for kids

This easy to put together activity took place as I was making dinner.

We were both cooking up some yummy goodness ; )  

A bit of water ended outside the bowl, but it was a great way to clean the table and floors really quick!  

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Have you been keeping up with our Fine Motor Friday series??  Have you used any of our ideas in your home or where you work?  Would love to know!  

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