HOD {Beyond}: Unit 9


We finished Unit 9 over the course of two weeks: 3 days of school one week and 2 the following week.  We were "re-couping" from a weekend of fun from the kiddos Aunt & cousin coming to play for a few days, and it was time for a little break!

Unit 9 focused on the Pilgrims arrival to America.  The Pilgrims had hoped to land in warmer climates, but ended up much further north.  And that led to our science activity....

Science Exploration: We talked about the Equator, Northern Hemisphere, & Southern Hemisphere in relation to the sun.  By using yarn to "measure" the distance from the light source to the Equator and Poles, we found the Equator to be closest of the three.  And because it is the closest, it is also the hottest.

Language Arts:
Worked on spelling words with the long /a/ sound.  I found these fun ABC foam puzzle stickers at Walmart and knew the perfect thing to use them for!!  T loved using them!

"Maker of Heaven and Earth"
An absolutely lovely poem!

Artistic Expression:
We attempted to use bubble wrap to create texture on our starfish, but it didn't turn out the way I expected.  Nonetheless, T loved this project!  We pulled up several pictures and videos of starfish and then I had him write something that he learned.  He wrote, "Starfish can walk."  

Map skills.  The Pilgrims had followed the Indian's footprints to an abandoned village.  While exploring the village, the Pilgrims found Indian Corn.  So using the stars as footprints, I gave T directions such as, "Walk two footprints West," etc. til he had reached the piece of corn.  Fun and simple activity!
Working on more map skills with a page from Beginning Geography.  

History Activity:
Did a fun activity after reading Nehemiah 4:6-23.

Random Favorites:

How was your week?

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  1. I really enjoy looking at how everyone does the same curriculum and yet we all come up with some cute ideas! Love the starfish craft.


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