Fine Motor Chalk Fire Game


Happy Friday! Time to share another Fine Motor activity with you lovely readers!  

Today's Chalk Fire Game was inspired by an activity I saw at Therapy Fun Zone.  

It was an easy set up activity that not only got the kiddos moving, but also strengthened those fine motor muscles. 

fine motor spray bottle game

To play, you'll need:

Preschool Fine Motor Skills Game

Set up your chalkboard easel and using the chalk, draw a fire on the chalkboard.  Fill up the spray bottle with water and squirt away!!  

You might want to add a towel or tarp to pick up some water that may drip onto the floor.

The photos are all pretty explanatory and I think just by looking at them you'll agree with me that this activity was a winner; they LOVED this!

Not necessary, but we set up a little obstacle course the kiddos had to run through.  

With the weather turning colder in our neck of the woods, this activity was also a great energy-burner... know what I mean?!  

Little Sis and Big Brother crawled through Baby Brother's house, hopped through some hoops, crawled over some furniture, and......

fun fine motor skills preschool game

.... under our blanket covered bridge with spray bottle in hand to....

fun fine motor skills game

put out the chalk fire!!!
fun fine motor skills game

Big Brother was so fast that I didn't have time to get the camera set up again after drawing the fire to take pictures of him going through our obstacle course!  

After 5 squirts he was done; he was a pro at putting out the chalk fire!

It took Little Sis a bit more time....  

She pumped those hands as fast as she could!  

She worked diligently making sure every flame of the chalk fire was gone!

fun preschool fine motor skills chalk game
As a learning extension activity, you could also read some books on fire safety! 

And if you are looking to strengthen those fine motor muscles but don't want to deal with water, check out our Turkey Baster Pom Pom Race-- another fine motor game my kiddos loved!

Thanks for joining us today for Fine Motor Friday! Be sure to head over and see what the other co-host are sharing! 

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