Heart of Dakota {Beyond}: Unit 10


We started Unit 10 in the beginning of November; my son also started drawing/ writing what he was thankful for in a journal that I created for him.  The goal was to have him write something everyday, but we forgot about it over the weekends, so he has been completing it during school time.  Have you been doing any sort  of activity revolving around being thankful?  If you are interested, you can download the Thankful Journal Writing Prompt, too!  And for his 1st entry, he wrote: I am thankful for "mom."  Sweet boy!  
Don't I look pretty?!

This week we read about the Pilgrims settling in Plymouth.  I can only imagine what it might have been like; just think of what some of the kids were feeling!  We read about one little boy who had been cooped up for far too long and got into a bit of trouble.  Letting his curiosity get the best of him, he fired off a loaded musket... while ON the Mayflower.  Just think of all the terrified faces!!  Here's T's Artistic Expression of the event ; ) 

Poetry:  I haven't been very good about taking photos of T's copywork, but he has been doing really well completing it.  Up until recently, T has been writing the poem on his own however it was causing him much stalling and a bit of anxiety.  He's always been great with copywork and I think it was because he was tracing over the letters, so we've re-vamped copywork and it's been going much better.  T copied the poem, "What Are Heavy?," which fit perfectly with our Unit, but the meaning was a bit over his head.  I enjoyed it though!! ; ) 

Math Exploration: We are working slowly through CLE workbook 104, but one day added in a bit of math from the manual.  I grabbed out our Teddy Counters and we worked on grouping.

Science Exploration: We did our science activity a bit differently than the manual suggested.  We read the suggested readings in God's Wonderful Works, and loosely created the different "layers" of the Ocean using playdough and our Coral Reef Toob.  We have the Sea Level, Ocean Shelf, the "slide," and the Ocean "floor." 

The next day we talked about the Water Cycle and did the classic "water cycle in a bag" activity.

Language Arts: To end our week, our Language Lesson was to practice sentences that ended in "!" and "."  I gave T one card; on one side was a "." and on the other side was an "!"  I read him a sentence, and if it was a statement, he did this.... 

if it was an exclamation, he did this..... 

I love how simple the Language Arts lessons are! He thought this was so silly ; )
We also finished reading our Historical Fiction book, "Sarah Witcher's Story."

Chairs and tables are over-rated ; )  And this is how we were working on re-telling the story!

Yet another wonderful week of learning!  If you are working through HOD, we'd love to know how your weeks are going!  And if you blog, please share!  I love to see how you apply the activities to meet your families needs; it has been so neat thus far to take a peek at other's weeks with HOD... we are all doing the same curriculum, but our weeks all turn out a bit differently!

Here's a couple other things we did!

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  1. I love the expressions! My son would enjoy the statement/exclamation game as he's right into using exclamation marks at the moment :-) Keep having fun.

  2. Looks like an EXCLAMATION POINT week! Can you believe that I have never made the oobleck yet (yikes!) Cute egg carton turkeys, too! Sarah Whitcher's Story was a favorite from our reading last year.


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