Heart of Dakota {Beyond}: Unit 11


It's hard to truly comprehend all the work the that lied ahead of the Pilgrims when they found a place to build their settlement.  Unit 11 shared the hardship, dedication, and work involved in building the first homes in Plymouth.  Honestly, with all of today's modern marvels and conveniences, it's hard to imagine all that was required of them to start anew.

Poem: "Don't Give Up"
It was a beautiful poem and fit perfectly with our History readings.

I love having our days all laid out for me, but I also understand that it is just a guide.  After 11 weeks, I've realized that it is okay to make changes along the way and that it's okay to switch up activities to better suit my son.  Taking this saying to heart, "Don't let the guide rule you... you rule the guide," we did something different for science this week.

Added to our timeline and completed a History Notebooking page.

Fixing sentences in Language Arts

In our History readings, we had read about a young boy wanting to help the older men cut trees in the forest; he was startled and gave a yell thinking Indians were near, but it ended up being a porcupine.  That led us on a detour of learning about porcupines instead of the said science activity.

In Art, we made oiled paper-- similar to what the Pilgrims used for their window coverings.  How cold it must have been!!

Again we read about the young boy, Thomas getting into more trouble with his boy and arrow.  He accidentally shot an arrow through one of their oiled windows!  For a little fun, we made our own bow and arrow using a hanger and rubber band.  You can bet T enjoyed this!! ; )

Our History Activity had us experiment different types of square frames.  What was more stable, a four sided frame or a five square frame?

Thanks for reading along with us on our homeschooling journey with HOD {Beyond}!!

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