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Paper Confetti Indian Corn Craft

My 6 year old son has been learning all about the Pilgrims and their travels from England to Holland and eventually to America.

During one of our history readings, the Pilgrims followed footprints that lead them to an abandoned Indian village.

While exploring the village, they found Indian corn buried in the ground.

The Pilgrims had never seen Indian corn before and took it back to the Mayflower for the others to see and eat.

Inspired by the story, we made our own Indian Corn craft!

thanksgiving indian corn craft


Easy Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

We looked up pictures of Indian corn online and grabbed a bunch of scrap paper in red, blues, yellow, orange, and black.

Working together, we made confetti with the different colors using a hole punch.

The hole punch I have is a bit difficult to use, so my son and I tag teamed-- he got some fine motor practice and I was super speedy!

Once we had plenty, I printed off a template of a piece of Indian corn.

The kiddos both squeezed and rubbed glue all over the piece of corn and then sprinkled the confetti on top.

In hindsight, I wish I had printed the Indian corn template on colored paper, or had the kiddos color it first.

After the glue dried I tied them together with twine.

easy fine motor skills indian corn craft

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