Paper Confetti Indian Corn Craft


Sneak in fine motor skills practice with this easy and colorful Indian corn craft your kids can make this Thanksgiving season.  Create patterns or decorate your Indian corn at random using paper punched circles.   Enjoy this simple Thanksgiving craft for preschoolers and up! 

thanksgiving indian corn craft

My 6 year old son has been learning all about the Pilgrims and their travels from England to Holland and eventually to America during our history readings with our Heart of Dakota Homeschool curriculum.

During one of our history readings, we read how the Pilgrims followed footprints that lead them to an abandoned Indian village.

While exploring the village, the Pilgrims found Indian corn buried in the ground.

The Pilgrims had never seen Indian corn before and took it back to the Mayflower for the others to see and eat.

Inspired by the story, we made our own Indian Corn craft!  I love making a story come alive through fun crafts!   Here are a few more book ideas to create your own "Storytime & Craft" session:

Indian Corn Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

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We looked up pictures of Indian corn online and grabbed a bunch of scrap paper in red, blues, yellow, orange, and black.

Working together, we made confetti with the different colors using a hole punch.  We only had an old-school paper-punch that made super tiny circles (the size of those annoying small confetti pieces that end up everywhere), but any size paper punch would work!  And if doing this craft with little ones... the bigger the paper punch the better!

The hole punch I have is a bit difficult to use, so my son and I tag teamed-- he got some fine motor practice and I was super speedy!

Paper Indian Corn Craft to Sneak in Fine Motor Skills

Once we had plenty of paper confetti, I printed off a template of a piece of Indian corn.

My toddler and Big Brother both squeezed and rubbed glue all over the corn template and then sprinkled the confetti on top.  They chose to decorate the Indian corn at random, but with an older child here is a great opportunity to talk about making patterns!

In hindsight, I wish I had printed the Indian corn template on colored paper, or had the kiddos color it first.

After the glue dried, we cut out the templates and I tied them together with twine and set them on the mantle for all to see!

Enjoy making this colorful Thanksgiving craft with your kiddos!

fine motor skills indian corn thanksgiving craft for kids

** Love the idea, but not the (potential) confetti mess?  Here are other creative ways to craft a colorful piece of Indian corn:
  • dot stickers
  • larger hole punch
  • colored corn kernels
  • scrunched tissue paper
  • buttons
  • pom poms
  • sequins

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  1. What a cute idea! I will definitely be working this into my Thanksgiving activities with the kids I see for occupational therapy at work. Great fine motor and grasping activity!! :)

  2. They turned out great! Thanks for sharing at After School.

  3. You’ve been featured on our After School Thanksgiving Roundup of Activities for School Aged Kids this week. The Indian Corn looks like so much fun for the kids to create and display for Thanksgiving. Just want to tell you that we are so thankful for you and your blog! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. This is ADORABLE! What a fun, clever idea =) Thanks for linking up to TGIF!

    I featured this at TGIF this week here -

    Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!
    Beth =)

  5. what a messy little craft, the best kind. would love if you shared this on our kids in the kitchen linky this week


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