Letter G Toddler Activities


We are still working through the alphabet with Little Sis.  I'd have to look back at my "planning" notebook to see how many letters we have left, but I think we are about halfway through.  

We should be done with the alphabet in another two months or so.  

I'm not sure what our plans are after though... I haven't gotten that far!  

Until then, here's what we did for the Letter G.

Tot School Letter G
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Fun Tot School Activities 

Playdough Garden
This was my favorite tray of the week. On the tray I gave her some homemade playdough, tiny flower pots, and foam flower picks.  I made the flowers using wooden craft sticks that I from CraftProjectIdeas.com and foam flower set I picked up at Walmart.  She pulled this tray out a couple times over the week, so I think she enjoyed it too!
Tot School Letter G

Playdough Name Stamp
Little Sis is nearing 3 years of age, which is usually around the time there is great emphasis on learning to recognize one's name, so we kept the playdough out to do a little Name Stamping activity with our ABC stamp set.

Tot School Letter G

G is for Grape- Cutting Practice
Little Sis has fallen IN LOVE with using scissors!  I initially thought she could practice tearing the purple paper, but she wanted nothing to do with that and insisted on, "Cut! Cut!"  So scissors it was!  I drew an outline of a bunch of grapes on contact paper and Little Sis cut small pieces of purple paper to make individual grapes.
Tot School Letter G
Although we are working through the ABC's, Little Sis hasn't shown much interest in learning them.  She enjoys the activities, but I am not sure what is "sticking"-- know what I mean?!  I created this printable activity thinking it might "light a spark," but not so much.  I cut up the G and corresponding pictures stuck them to the G using Velcro!  Wasn't a total dud though-- Little Brother enjoyed pulling off the velcro pieces. 
Tot School Letter G

If you think your little one might like this, just click the picture download this free printable.  Laminate, Cut out the G and corresponding words, and attach velco dots.  I am working on adding these Word Posters to each of my Tot School posts, and I am almost there; I'll update when they are all done!

Color Matching Gumballs
I googled a gumball machine and found this printable. Little Sis used her Do A Dot markers to fill in the gumballs.  
Tot School Letter G

Gumball (pom pom) Sensory Play
Surprisingly, Little Sis didn't get into this as much as I thought.  Thankfully it was an easy one to set up and put away-- just pom poms and different utensils to scoop, pour, tweeze, etc.
Tot School Letter G

Animal Matching
Using some Montessori Inspired Farm Animal Cards from This Girl's Canon, Little Sis matched the cards to our fisher-price animals.  I had to do G for Goat somehow!
Tot School Letter G

If you look back at several of our first Tot School posts you will notice a drastic reduction in Tot Tray activities from then to now.

I think I am getting Tot School burn-out!  I think I will lump a few letters together to get it over a little bit quicker and/ or leave the trays out longer than a week.

We initially started the trays for her to do while Big Brother was doing some of his school work, but now that we are waiting til Little Sis is napping to do school stuff, our mornings have consisted more-so of all the kiddos playing or crafting or doing a fine motor activity as part of the Fine Motor Friday series that I am a part of.   

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