17 Fine Motor Preschool Name Activities


As I sit back and watch my children, I am amazed at all that they learning and are capable of doing.  Little minds learn so much in the first several years of life and everyday thereafter!  One of the most important and special things your young child will learn is how to spell and recognize his/her name-- and rightly so!

My kiddos each have a set of letters spelling out their name in their room, but there are so many more great ways to get your child learning the letters in his/ her name.  In fact, I've put a list together of 10+ Name Activities with a fine motor twist.
preschool name recognition activities

I hope this list helps you as much as it will help me; I plan on adding in some type of name activity during Little Sis's Tot School activities each week.

She has loved all the fine motor activities we have done thus far, so I know she'll love that they are focused on her!

Preschool Name Recognition Activities

1. Use duplo blocks; did you know that you can write on them with a dry erase marker?  Of course, you could write letters with a permanent marker, too.  Write the letters of your child's name and have them build a name tower or if you have Thomas the Train Duplo pieces, you can make a Name Train.

2. Get colorful by making Rainbow Names; Tear up pieces of paper and cover each letter of your child's name with a different color.   Or make Rainbow Names by using Fruit Loops-- who doesn't love learning AND snacking?!

3. Break out the playdough and make Name Playdough Mats; get those hands rolling the dough, breaking it into pieces, squishing it, etc.

4. Need another name activity involving playdough?  Flatten some playdough on the table and do some Name Stamping with  letter stamps to practice your child's name.

5. Trace letters with glue-- way more fun than a pencil!  Once it's dried, you can use it for a crayon rubbing activity.

6. Name Practice with a Giant Push Pin: a great fine motor activity that works on patience and concentration.

7. Another colorful fine motor name activity is Star Names!  Grab some shiny star stickers and peel and stick them onto the letter of your child's name.

8. Or use alphabet stickers and make a little matching game for the youngins'.

9. Trace the letters of one's name using Dot Markers.

10. Keep it simple by making a name puzzle using alphabet letters.

11. Q-tip Name Painting; have child trace the letters with their name with q-tips and paint.  Another simple activity!

12. Cut & Paste Name Activity;  have child cut out letters of his/her name and glue them in the correct order.

13. Get your paint on and do a Name Resist Painting Activity-- paint is always a hit!  Your little will love their personal piece of art!

14. If you don't want the mess, you'll love this chalkboard name activity.  Write your child's name on a chalkboard and have your child trace over/ erase their name with water and a paintbrush-- they'll love watching their name disappear!

15. Use clothespins; Little Sis had fun with her Name Rainbow Clothespin Activity.  You use this idea with any theme and/or keep it simple by writing their name on a note card.

16. Bead Names using small alphabet beads and a pipe cleaner; afterwards, connect it to make a bracelet!

17. Fizzy Sidewalk Paint; such a fun outdoor activity using a spray bottle filled with vinegar.

See! So many great activities to choose from; which one will you be doing?

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