Advent Ideas for Kids: Names of Jesus Ornament Bulbs


Truth be told, I feel like a "Advent" drop-out.

Two years ago, we used Truth in the Tinsel but didn't make it to Day 25 as with traveling and doing other things for the holidays, we just didn't finish.

Last year, I had good intentions to do it again, but with Baby Boy due in the beginning of December I just never got my tush in gear.

So here we are Advent 2013, and I have high hopes for celebrating Advent with my kiddos.  We are doing two things, a Book Advent (the ever so popular idea to read a different Christmas book everyday leading up to Christmas) and Knowing Him by Name Advent activity from Thriving Family.

Names of Jesus Advent

I saw this idea from a friend last year and just loved it!

Advent Idea

Using Thriving Family's 2012 Advent Calendar: Knowing Him by Name , we journey through the Advent season learning the names of Jesus.

Simple Advent Idea

Sharpie Marker

Simple Advent Idea

I wrote the names of Jesus on a pack of Christmas bulbs with permanent marker.  Each day I bring out the bulb, read the corresponding Bible Verse and do a short activity as we learn a new name for Jesus.  And then we add the bulb to our Christmas Tree!

It is so simple, quick, and easy... and I hope my kiddos get a sense that this season is about HIM!

** If you would rather, jazz up these ornaments by using different mediums for the Names of Jesus:

  • stickers
  • paint resist
  • jewels
  • etc!

advent ideas for kids

Do you have any plans for Advent with your children?  Try this simple Advent idea this year!


  1. Great idea! Love it! One of my favorite songs right now is "You Are I Am" by MercyMe. :-)
    Happy Birthday to Baby Z today!!! mwah!!!

  2. What a great idea! We did an advent calendar this year a little different too. I invite you to link up to the linky party every thursday .I hope to see you there, have a great day!

  3. Beautiful idea!!!!! Xo

  4. I love this idea! Is it too late to start now, I wonder?

    1. Hey Kristina. I'm sorry i had to leave a comment this way, but I didn't see where you leave a comment. I just don't know. So I had to reply.

      I wanted to tell you that I love your advent idea. I must say I am pretty ignorant of the tradition since I'm not Catholic, but I am enjoying learning about it as I read blogs. Thanks for this great idea and for linking up with us at the homeschoollinkup!

    2. No I think you could still pull it off! My son loves adding a new ornament to the tree. You could just skip over the activities, but just mention each of the names that have already been talked about. It is so simple!

  5. Love this idea!!! I don't know if id be able to wait everyday to put a new bulb up!!


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