Heart of Dakota {Beyond}: Unit 12


Thanks for coming over to read our Heart of Dakota {Beyond} highlights!  We have completed Unit 12-- here's some highlights:

Winter came an passes and about half of the Pilgrims had passed away from diseases and poor health.  We've talked about germs before during our Five In a Row unit of Madeline; however, I knew T probably didn't remember what we talked about and the Science Exploration activity sounded fun-- so we did it!

We tore up some paper into little pieces and put them into a cup.  When I said, "Ah-Choo!" T was to give the cup a good shake.  Can you guess what happened?

Next we did it again, but this time when I said "Ah-Choo!" T covered the top of the cup.  Thus we learned the importance of covering one's mouth when we sneeze and/or cough!  Germs spread!

Working on Geography/ Map skills, T made a rough sketch of Plymouth Fort:

T finished reading 50 stories/ books this week, so we had a little $5 Day.  Do you do any sort of reward for reading, good behavior, perfect scores?  He's done so well, I thought he deserved a little something.  So after completing our History Activity for the day we headed to Target and he got $5 to spend.  I did, too ; )  I bought myself a festive coffee drink from Starbucks! (and a cake pop- Yumm!)   Well... I actually bought a few other things as well... but we needed it ; )  Can you take a guess at what he picked out?

More Cars.  Wish I had thought to take a picture...  Next time!

In Language Arts, we learned about Nouns and went on a Noun Hunt in the house!  T loved this activity : )

Finally, our week ended with some tie-dye fun!  We read John 14:23-31 where it tells us that we will have peace through the Holy Spirit.  We cut out a heart from paper towel, folded it, and dipped the corners into food coloring-- so neat!  We loved this project!

How is your homeschooling journey going this year!  Must remember... it is a journey!!!
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